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Proficient Drone Pilot Training

With the continuous evolution in the field of aviation, more and more people would like to pursue their career in aeronautics. There are a number of career options available in this wide stream, people, nowadays, are inclining more towards drone pilot training.

Considering this, S & I Truvisory Group provides in-demand drone training with the help of experts who have extensive work experience in cutting edge technologies. With the strategic approach, our team of high-tech professionals will assist you in expanding the horizons of your mind through skill-building courses.

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Types of Drone Training:

Let’s dive into the different types of drone training:

1. Qualify yourself for the FAA’s aeronautical knowledge test:

In order to become a commercial drone pilot, it is imperative to qualify the FAA’s aeronautical knowledge test. Under this type of training, it is not mandatory for a pilot to demonstrate the hands-on flying skills, in short, no flight training is required.

2. General Flight Training:

It is the more advanced form of drone training that requires the fundamental skills required to fly a drone.

3. Industry Or Skill Specific Drone Training:

This is the more specific type of training which includes public safety, aerial videography, etc.

We have a wide range of classes, starting from beginners to experts. Piloting a drone is not an easy task, it comes with a huge responsibility, make sure to choose the right environment, and seek guidance from experts.

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