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Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training

With the continuous evolution in the field of aviation, more and more people would like to pursue their career in aeronautics. There are a number of career options available in this wide stream, people, nowadays, are inclining more towards drone pilot training.

Considering this, S & I Truvisory Group in-demand drone training with the help of experts who have extensive work experience in cutting edge technologies. With the strategic approach, our team of high-tech professionals will assist you in expanding the horizons of your mind through skill-building courses.

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How critical AME training is?

It is of immense importance for an aircraft maintenance engineer to inspect an aircraft before a pilot takes off the plane. It puts a huge responsibility on technicians to make sure aircraft are working smoothly and this will come only if they are trained well.

With the frequent increase in aircraft passengers, there is an equal increase in the aircraft services which leads to demanding jobs and ultimately bright future for aircraft maintenance and repair technicians.

The overall duration of this course will be:  2 years

Academic Requirements

  • A Candidate should have secondary level education(12th Pass)

After getting qualified for AME training, a person could achieve a licence issued by DGCA, Govt of India.

You can contact us at +91 7973407127 Or +91 7973450755

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Perks and Salaries:

The minimum stipend that many companies are offering nowadays for AME is 15K to 20K per month. Once the AME license will be issued by DGCA, the lucrative pay packages will be offered to the engineers, the minimum package, in this case, will be around 30K to 40K per month.

Along with this, there will be additional perks issued by various companies and that too varies as per an organization’s requirement.

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